• Hand Crafted Cabinetry

    Work with DMD to design/build the perfect kitchen, vanity or closet

  • Windows & Doors

    Choose from vinyl, aluminum, and clad wood with unlimited color options.

  • Interior Design

    Whether your preference is contemporary, modern, traditional or any other,  we can help your vision come to life.

  • Looking to buy or sell?

    DMD can help you get cash for your home, and assist in finding the ideal home for your family

  • Renovation

    From a single bathroom to entire home makeovers, your next project is in excellent hands.

Latest Blogs

  • Roof Maintenance To Improve Longevity

    Roof Maintenance To Improve Longevity If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’re fortunate enough to have a roof over your head.  The roof on a home might not be as fun to talk about as kitchens, or baths, or maybe even furniture.  However, a poorly maintained roof can wreak havoc on your…

  • Home Maintenance Pro Tips – Get These Done Now

    August is almost here, and unfortunately for us, that means it’s time to start thinking about making some winter preparations.  I know, now you’re angry.  These are just a few quick home maintenance tips to get out of the way now, so you can rest easy in the winter.   Go knock these out quickly, and…

  • Kitchen Cabinet Construction: What’s The Difference?

    Behind the cherry, birch, or maple doors of a kitchen cabinet is the wood used to construct the cabinet box—the back, sides, top, shelves, and bottom.  Most cabinet suppliers will typically offer two options for the cabinet construction. Plywood is made up of layers of wood veneer glued together, alternating the grain of the wood…

  • Kitchen Design: To Open, Or Not To Open?

    The kitchen is my favorite room in the house.  I love cooking and entertaining for family and friends. A great kitchen combines elements of design with functionality. The best part about designing a kitchen today is the number of designs, styles and layouts that you can play around with. Turn on HGTV or any other…

  • Chicago Home Sales On The Rise In November

    Chicago Real Estate On The Rise In November Without a doubt, Chicago is the best City in the US!  Living in Lake County for most of my life, I was sad to read this article last September in regards to how fast folks were moving out of Illinois.  The reasons why? Take your pick: Property taxes,…

About us

At DMD, our dedication is solely to delivering quality work. Attentive painstakingly to detail, we give each individual client the attention and commitment they deserve to execute a project with precise resourcefulness. Our emphasis remains always on quality, employing techniques to ensure correct and exact execution.

DMD is proud to assist in a wide portfolio of projects including a variety of applications, not limited to windows, doors, cabinets, floors, dry wall and trim. Our experienced professionals work closely with custom home builders and architects along the North Shore providing high quality products and superior customer service to ensure exceptional results. We take ownership of our project as if the home was our own.

With every undertaking, DMD takes pride in every project, believing that attention to the little things is absolutely vital in our line of work. At DMD, we offer solutions, not excuses and will work tirelessly to provide a solution. From start to finish, we are committed to delivering quality work. Your home is our priority.