Kitchen Design: To Open, Or Not To Open?

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house.  I love cooking and entertaining for family and friends. A great kitchen combines elements of design with functionality. The best part about designing a kitchen today is the number of designs, styles and layouts that you can play around with. Turn on HGTV or any other related channel and everyone is talking about open concept kitchen designs.  Like anything else, there are pros and cons to the open concept design.

Open Kitchen Design: Pros

Accessibility –  Arguably the most beneficial component to an open concept. The fact that you are able to communicate with each other from any corner or side of the main hall is a huge benefit, as it gives the chef ample opportunity to be a part of the interactions, instead of slaving away in a closed space. Parents also love the ability to see their young children in other rooms while they’re cooking.  This also makes for a quality family time and lots of enjoyment when you are entertaining people. This kitchen was designed by Letitia Holloway.

Kitchen Wynstone IL

Space Maximization – The overall impact of an open design helps make less square footage feel like a much larger space.  This kind of a layout also promotes free-flowing movement, which increases the feeling that you are moving around in a large space. Thanks to this factor, many compact home owners are busy installing open kitchens so as to stylishly maximize the available space.

Increased Interaction – Meals help bring the family together. Good food puts everyone in a better mood, and opens up opportunity for great conversation. An open kitchen design makes it easier for everyone to interact during meal preparation and even post meal clean up.  It also makes it easier to pass things around and let others help out as they dine and do other work at the dining table.  An open concept increases interaction, and makes the whole work flow run smoothly.

Open Kitchen Design: Cons

Grime Circulation – One of the most common grudges that many open kitchen owners hold is the fact that soot and grime has a higher likelihood the settle on the surrounding surfaces and furniture.  This type of build up can be more time consuming (vs typical dust) to clean off of surrounding room surfaces, furniture, pictures etc.

Clutter Magnification – A larger open space, means visibility.  This can be a good thing, or a bad thing (in the case of clutter).  There’s no small area that you can ‘leave it till later’ to clean. So the work of the chef is actually doubled as he or she has to clear up the space at once.  Open kitchen concept design may require a bit more regular maintenance.

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