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Chicago, IL

Chicago is my favorite city on the planet! I might be bias since I grew up about an hour North of the city.  The winters are brutal, but it’s pretty tough to beat Chicago summers. I always jump on the opportunity to work on something downtown. It’s always hard to decide between an old favorite, or something new when it comes to lunch.  This particular project presented some new challenges. The basement had some triple brick going on for the foundation.  This creates some massive depths between the exterior brick and interior dry wall.  Between the main level and upper level we had double, and single brick in some places.  Over time, each layer of brick (on the double and triple) settled a little differently so they don’t align perfectly in the opening.  This required us to pay special close attention to every opening to ensure the extension jambs and sizes were accurate.  Otherwise, they installers would have a big surprise come install day.

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Got the chance to work along with Cordos Construction for our second project.  It really is refreshing to work with a group who understands the entire construction process.  Making size/shape changes on the windows really impacts the overall project.  With some great communication, we were able to deliver a product that went right in, and significantly upgraded this home for the owner. The trim and interior doors are on order. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Let’s go find another Chicago job!

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April 2020



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David Harney Quaker Windows Chicago Cullom Ave
David Harney Windows Renovation Cullom Rd Chicago IL Front
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