Brighton LS Series telescoping patio doors help control heating and cooling. It is designed with a heavy-duty, high performance fiberglass sill that allows them to glide easily. Modern homes make the most of their space and set themselves apart through design and comfort. Brighton Telescoping Patio door pull the outdoors in and expand your living space.

Brighton Series – Telescoping Patio Doors

  • Stacking and pocket configurations
    • Stacking telescoping door systems stack all panels in line with the stack stationary panel when the panels are in the fully-open position; in the stacking configuration, all panels are still visible.
    • Pocketed telescoping door systems incorporate a pocket in the wall cavity to conceal all panels when they are in the fully-open position; in the pocketed configuration, all panels are hidden in the pocket.
  • Single-direction handing; all panels operate either all-left or all-right.
  • Door jamb width varies depending on the number of panels in the telescoping system.
  • One panel (pocket only) to eight panel configurations with maximum overall 20’0” frame width.
  • Main frame head and sill use dark bronze anodized aluminum extrusions.
  • Folding aluminum nailing fins applied.
  • Heavy-duty interlock improves air and structural performance.
  • Panels slide on two tandem, heavy-duty, end-adjustable ball bearing rollers for years of smooth, trouble-free operation.

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Telescoping Patio Door